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Peacekeeping missions
Everyday Heroes

Royal Harmony Gates + Royal Harmony Forces = Empire of Compassion are Carolina Teixeira projects , ideas suggestions, and approaches for the humanity armor / protection.  

They are fantastic invisible missions that open the gates of humanity towards the harmony, diplomacy, and army  of compassion. 

Focused on humanity's gaps!

It's not an ONG or private interests,

but a royal responsibility in action.





Project 2019 : Empire of Compassion opens a gate to humanity! Harmony Royal Gate is a social education, "Rubber of Wound" and peacekeeping missions that respect all nations of the earth. A fantastic project that reminds us of the old desire to save the world. Because one day we were children and many of us wished to save humanity. The "Rubber of Wounds" has the mission of erasing the wounds between one nation and another, through the authorities, students and diplomats cannot support more war and conflicts. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Projects created by Carolina Teixeira                                                                                                                                                                                                              copyright - protection                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
The mission of Kingdom of Diamonds is to carve a new generation through literature. With the help of "diamond stones" we encourage children to improve the lives of people around them and create a healthier relationship with their family. Both parents and their children should be a part of this mission, so they can together create a better world to live in. Empire of Compassion: at times, it is unsettling to see how the young generation react towards problems in humanity.   This is a project that's intended to help girls and boys to grow love and respect for one another (family, friends, and other people). It's a mission to encourage great behaviour. Empire of Compassion is an inspiration for the Agent of Transformation methodology, created by Carolina Teixeira. The Kingdom of Diamonds is an Empire of Compassion, born in the nations of Earth.  Here, you'll find the majestic Castle of Diamonds where people live with generous hearts. From there a true, creative mission can be found, one that mixes with the reality of the younger generation. There are also golden horses, gifted friends, chariots of fire soldiers, children, people, princes and princesses, who do not accept destruction, love life and the protection of the innocent. It's a great kingdom that begins with you!
  +44 07479683935
  +44 07479683935
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