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Missionary Lorenia Alvarenga
The power of compassion - interview
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16 de January de 2019
Missionary Lorenia Alvarenga in partnership with TLR The Last Reformation/Southall Baptist Church, 34 years old, Brazilian, lives in London and has one son.
The last three missions in London? Friday 4/01/19 Night outreach Waterloo-Edgware Road till 3 am. (Working Girls/Muslim), Monday 7/01/19 Minister to an Israeli Girl in Golders green, she ran away from her parents to London, vulnerable adult, depression, drug addiction. Saturday 12/1, visited a church 3 people got delivered by unclean spirits, emotional and physical healing. 
Next mission? Birmingham 19/01/19, anyone who needs help, two days. London south 24/01/19, a victim of domestic violence, Waterloo and Edgware Road outreach 25/01/19, working girls and anyone who needs healing and deliverance, we pray approaching people.
Support missionary Lorenia help? Anyone who needs help, not specific, any kind of bondage or drug addicted, depressive, suicidal, physical injury, working girls, victims of crime, rape, abuse, trafficked, sexually exploited or any kind of other needs.
What is your routine of preparation for accomplishing your mission? Constantly fasting and Prayer, a lot of locked up with the Lord, time alone with God. Also depends on how the Holy Spirit leads me, no phone, no going out, no socializing... can take from 3 to 40 days isolation.
Do you need a Christian partner in your mission?  Sometimes yes, I like to be led by the Spirit of who I should take with me...
What is your current profession? Full-time Disciple of Jesus. Ministering. 
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  +44 07479683935
  +44 07479683935
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